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A Designated Driver Service Dedicated To Saving Lives.
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We are a designated driver service that delivers the most precious commodity "people" we service the Maryland Metropolitan area and are committed to reducing the amount of DUI & DWI accidents. Our designated driver service focuses on the safety of our customers .

Hiring a Designated Driver is easy. Simply fill out our online form with your name, phone number, pickup location and destination, upon receipt our dispatcher will contact you to arrange your pickup fees, desitnation cost and how to secure your payment. That's it, your'e done.  We'll arrange your pickup with one of our designated drivers and coordinate with you prior to the day of your driver arriving.  We offer several options that meets the convenience of our customers and while our primary business is dedicated to "DD services" we also offer services for hospital and  dental patients that require a designated driver after returning from surgery and are under the influence of medicated drugs.



Interested in a chauffeur designated driver for the night, and don't want to worry about parking or the hassle of being pulled over, then call us. We'll drop off one of our drivers to your location and pick them up when you are through with the service for the evening, leaving the worry to us, so you can enyoy your evening out.

Depending on your needs our car driving services can provide you with our personal driver package, chauffeur services, after surgery designated driver services, or driver hire services, please call us today to book a designated driver. -The life you save could be your own.

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 Maryland Law - 

Maryland DUI or DWI punishment in court for a second or third drunk driving conviction is much harsher than for a first offense: it involves mandatory jail terms, a lengthier alcohol education program, the possibility of a required ignition interlock device,and more. Please consider either hiring designated drivers for your night out on the Town or hiring a personal designated driver service, it's worth the while.

Maryland DUI (driving under the influence) consequences include a minimum driver's license suspension of 45 days, and punishment of up to $1,000.00 and one year in jail for a first offense DUI, and $2,000.00 and two years in jail for a second offense DUI. A Maryland DUI conviction will result in 12 points on the Maryland Driver's License record , again driver hire services are available, you have an advantage when you hire your own personal driver service you know you are protected from impaired driving fines.

Maryland DWI (driving while impaired), while a lesser offense to a Maryland DUI (driving under the influence) still has very harsh consequences, including a driver's license suspension of up to 60 days, 8 points on the Maryland Driver's License record, up to $500 and two months in jail for a first offense, and up to $500.00 and one year in jail for a second offense. Many car driving service options are available , please save a life hire a chauffeur to drive your vehicle.

A refl to take the breath test in Maryland may result in a 120-day driver's license suspension, plus the refl may be admissible in court against those accused of violating Maryland DUI or DWI laws. All preventable when you hire a car driving service.

DUI and DWI arrests of persons from other states will still require a Maryland MVA Hearing to protect their driving privileges. Maryland is a member of the interstate Driver's License Compact,which shares information about DUI convictions and driver's license actions with other member states. There are 45 states that belong to this compact.
Fact on Drunk Driving: 2.1 million drive under the influence of alcohol each year. The top five worse states for Drunk Drivers are Montana, South Carolina, Louisiana, Wyoming and the state of West Virginia. The sine qua non - driving drunk kills and devastates lives forever.  Call a designated driver service for a safe ride. 

                                                                            A Designated Driver Service Dedicated To Saving Lives 

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