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Frequently Asked Questions -

1.What is Safe-T-Ride USA?
STR- is a Designated Driver Service designated to saving lives; our mission is to get you back home safely while driving you in your vehicle without infraction with the Law. 

2. Do I need a reservation?
Definitely,it allows our dispatcher to better schedule your pick up coordination. 

3. How do I book a Designated Driver?
You can either book on line by filling out our reservation form or by calling our customer service number at 301-910-9854, please book your dirvier three days ahead of your pick up date. 

4. What if I cancel my pickup?
Once you have booked your pick up and paid your reservation initial cost, You are subject to the initial charge of $45.

5. What does it cost for A Designated Driver Pickup?
A lot cheaper than a cab! Our initial pickup cost is $45.00 and $3.00 for each additional mile.

6. What form of payment do you accept?
We accept, Visa, Master, Debit cards and cash.

7. What times are Designated drivers available?
Drivers are available Thursday thru Saturday between the hours of 5:00pm and 3:00 am.

8. What happens if there is an accident?
In the implausible event the client vehicle insurance covers for vehicle damage and occupant injury.

9. How many people can you Transport?
Depending on the size of your vehicle, STR can transport up to 9 customers in the same vehicle at any given time. An additional cost of $5 will be charged for each drop off.

10. What if a fight breaks out among the passengers while travelling?
The STR designated Driver will pull off in the safest location, and can at that point terminate all services if passengers do not agree and behave in a calm manner for the duration of the trip. STR USA will not be held liable for customers leaping, leaning or leaving out of the vehicle that causes an accident, injury or death while the vehicle is in travel or in a stopped motion.

11. What if the customer leaves the pickup site before the Designated Driver arrives?
Please call to check on your driver status. STR USA is committed to safety and obligates its services to its patrons. STR USA encourages its customers not to drive under any influence and warns that if they do they are liable for any law-abiding consequence. STR USA will not be held liable for any law infractions, caused by customers.

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